WWE Money in the Bank 2018

With 10 matches on tap, WWE Money in the Bank 2018 is an absolutely loaded pay-per-view. With that in mind, it will be a tough task not only for every advertised match to deliver but also for WWE to give fans what they want to see.

Money in the Bank has traditionally featured history-making moments and monumental matches. While this year’s installment will likely be no different, it could be a memorable event for all the wrong reasons.

Fans should be aware Money in the Bank is bound to have its fair share of flaws. The entire event can’t be perfect, and the following matches’ outcomes are guaranteed to leave you disappointed.

The jury is still out on Carmella as SmackDown Women’s champion. Granted, she has held the title for over two months, but her first and only title defense to date at Backlash was below-average at best.

Not only are her matches lacking, her promos have felt repetitive more often than not. That won’t stop WWE from featuring her prominently on SmackDown or from keeping the title on her for a while longer, though.

Asuka, on the other hand, is a perfect example of someone who should be leading the division as its champion considering all she has to offer. She hasn’t been in the spotlight as much since losing to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34, and that isn’t about to change at Money in the Bank, either.

That said, her time to take the title will come, but it won’t be as soon as Sunday. It may not be in decisive fashion, but fans should expect Carmella to leave Chicago with her title reign still intact once she finds a way to upset The Empress of Tomorrow.

The feud no one asked for is set to continue through Money in the Bank and possibly even later than that. Daniel Bryan has attempted to make the most of what he’s been given in this program with Big Cass, but Cass’ character hasn’t been compelling in the slightest.

It didn’t help that their initial encounter at Backlash was fairly disappointing, so it remains to be seen how much better of a bout they’ll have on Sunday. Regardless of whether it’s an instant classic or an underwhelming affair, the faithful fans in Chicago will be upset at the result of Cass winning all the same.

Bryan getting the better of Cass at every turn since the start of this storyline is no coincidence. Cass is owed a notable victory eventually, and while it would be smarter to simply have Bryan beat him again and end this thing once and for all, the 7-foot-tall behemoth reigning supreme would keep their bad blood alive for another month.

In that case, the feud could culminate in some sort of stipulation match at Extreme Rules. Cass isn’t exactly the most popular competitor on the roster among the more passionate fans, so the reaction to his win over Bryan probably won’t be pretty.

With a Money in the Bank ladder match, there are so many talented athletes involved that it’s tough to go wrong with the winner. Looking at the ladies in this year’s women’s ladder matchup, almost any one of them could win and it would receive a favorable reaction, but not Natalya.

So far during her return to Raw, Natalya has been positioned as a babyface. Despite that, fans see right through her charade and realize that she is planning on betraying Ronda Rousey sooner rather than later.

Also at Money in the Bank, Rousey will be contending for the Raw Women’s Championship against Nia Jax, and she has a high chance of capturing the gold. It’s pretty predictable that Natalya will steal her moment away from her by cashing in her newly won contract and winning the title for herself.

While Natalya is definitely deserving of the accolade, there are much better choices in that contest that the company can run with as the victor. Giving the briefcase to the former SmackDown Women’s champion when it can be seen coming from a mile away, however, would undoubtedly anger the masses.